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Legislative Wins

Representative Farooq Mughal was one of the top Freshman legislators of the 2023 session. Representative Mughal was able to pass several bills and even helped to approve the State Budget. 

Signed GA Budget

  • $1B returned to Taxpayers

  • $950M for Homeowner Tax Relief

  • $115.7M for School Security 

  • 92M to Reduce Health Insurance Premiums

  • $35.7M for Rural Housing

  • $2,000 for Law Enforcement

  • $5,000 for Teachers

House Bill 128

This bill proposes changes to state laws regarding revenue, taxation, and government. It aims to ensure that minority business enterprises, women-owned businesses, and veteran-owned businesses have fair representation and opportunities when it comes to state contracts for construction, services, equipment, and goods. The bill also includes provisions for related matters, specifies an effective date, repeals conflicting laws, and serves other purposes.


House Bill 383

Safer Hospitals Act

This bill aims to amend existing laws regarding assault and battery against individuals and introduce stricter penalties for aggravated assault and aggravated battery specifically targeting emergency health workers and healthcare workers on hospital campuses. The bill also includes a definition of these offenses and makes amendments to the health-related title. It provides a short title, specifies an effective date and applicability, repeals conflicting laws, and addresses other related matters.


House Bill 414

This bill proposes amending Chapter 1 of Title 37 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, which deals with the governance and regulation of mental health. The amendment aims to establish a grant program within the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities to offer behavioral health services specifically for military service members, veterans, and their families. The bill includes definitions, qualification requirements for the program, provisions for adopting rules and regulations, and addresses other related matters. It also repeals conflicting laws.


House Bill 711

The amendment seeks to double this exemption to $8,000.00. The bill also includes provisions to ensure compliance with the constitution, sets requirements for a referendum, specifies effective dates and automatic repeal, mandates legal action if the requirements are not met, repeals conflicting laws, and addresses other purposes.


House Bill 748

This bill proposes an additional property tax exemption of $2,000.00 for public service employees living in the Gwinnett County school district. The exemption applies to educational purposes and includes definitions, conditions, and procedures. It ensures compliance with constitutional requirements, requires a referendum, sets effective dates, and provides remedies for non-compliance. It also repeals conflicting laws and addresses other purposes.

Legislative Report Cards

Georgia Alliance Fund

Georgia Chamber of Commerce

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